AAI FEB'15 issue is released. In this issue you can read Assamese poems (in Assamese script) written by Aruni Deka Bora, Charu Prasad Sarma, Dhananjoy Kurmi, Epul Hussain, Hirakjyoti Nath, Jyoti Chaliha, Jutika Das, Kuladip Baruah, Kumar Rajen, Moushumi Bori, Nuruzzaman Hoque (Jaan), Parineeta Sharma, Rousanara Begum, Rupjyoti Boruah, Ritusman Bora, Renuka Das, Rajib Kayastha, Riyaan Smith, Sayed Abdul Hai, and Zahidul Islam. Your comments are most welcome. We value and appreciate your comments. Also, you can send your poem to aai for publication.

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An appeal to those who are sending me typed poems: Please use white background. This minimizes some re-work from our side.

– Hemanta Kumar Kalita [ Email to hemanta.kalita@aai.ind.in ]

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To  Moushumi Bori (Issue No 82/10-2014):
baideo, apunar kobitatu pohi bohut val lagil........................
– pabwan taid [ ***wantaid1@gmail.com ]

To  Swapnali Bordoloi (Issue No 85/01-2015):
kobita tu pohi bohut val lagil
– pabwan taid [ ***wantaid1@gmail.com ]

To  Zahidul Islam (Issue No 86/02-2015):
Good thinking
– Prabin Das [ ***bindas1990@rediffmail.com ]

To  Issue No 78/06-2014:
i know
– jitu [ ***umonidasd@gmail.com ]

To  About Me:
Apunar poem bur khub val lagil
– rantu kalita [ ***itarantu8@gmail.com ]

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